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Living Water Lawn and Garden is the go-to landscape contractor in Nevada. Our team of professional masonry contractors and designers work with you to create a personalized landscape that suits your lifestyle and needs. From start to finish, we ensure that every aspect of your outdoor space is functional and beautiful, including our signature water features.

Are you thinking about installing a water feature for your residential or commercial property? At Living Water Lawn and Garden, we have been successfully designing and building stunning water features for our clients throughout the greater Las Vegas region for over 20 years now. See our gallery below.

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three copper spouts flowing into custom built pond
zen garden with natural stone water features

Complete you landscape setting and with a welcoming and relaxing ambiance. Let us help you realize your dream water feature today!

natural waterfall water feature for backyard


As mentioned, we recommend only water features that will greatly benefit our clients. We prepare the design plan meticulously and install the features according to approved specifications. If you want a spot in your landscape that can attract wildlife, then add birdbaths or ponds. Meanwhile, the classic appeal of a tiered fountain will create a different ambiance in your outdoors. The great thing about this landscape element is that you have a lot of options. You may opt for simple additions or combine different water features to get the outdoor theme that you desire.

  • WATERFALLS. We can create a nature-like spot in your landscape by just installing carefully planned waterfalls. We always include ponds in this feature for more natural appeal. There are different types of waterfalls that we can build for you. You can opt for a wall waterfall, pondless waterfall, or waterfalls with ponds and fountains.

side view of water fountain with stone veneer accents
  • FOUNTAINS. These are versatile water features since they can be installed on any spot in your landscape. We can install tiered, spouting, and other types of fountains, depending on your preferences.

  • POOLS AND SPAS. Your outdoors will not be the perfect place for rest and relaxation if you don't have a pool or spa. The pools that we can design and build will depend on the available space and existing structures in your outdoor area. Our objective is to build you a pool where you can experience total relaxation.

  • PONDS. There are different types of ponds that can be installed in your landscape. Popular choices are a natural boulder open water feature or a pondless feature where the water drops into river rocks and is in a hidden basin. Garden pond is another great option since it can be designed to complement with your xeriscape. A pond offers a unique charm and provides relaxing benefits, so don’t forget to include this water feature in your landscaping.


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Welcome to Living Water Lawn and Garden, the premier destination for all your outdoor design and maintenance needs.  Areas we service: Greater Las Vegas, Henderson, North Las Vegas.


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