Hardscape Services

At Living Water Lawn & Garden we have been providing our clients with the following services throughout the greater Las Vegas, NV region for many years now and with great success!

Hardscape Services Las Vegas, CA

Outdoor Living

There is no wonder that we are finding that outdoor living projects have been on the increase over the last decade or so. So many homeowners are now placing a lot more importance on their outdoor living areas and wanting to get the most out of them. Some of the more popular requests that we get nowadays include outdoor kitchens, outdoor fireplaces, fire pits, patios, water features, and landscape lighting and outdoor dining rooms. Talk to one of our friendly staff members today about how we can help you make your outdoors much more functional and practical for everyday use! Read More About Outdoor Living »

Paver Sealing & Restoration

There are so many benefits to having your pavers sealed on a regular basis. Some of these include providing a protective top layer for your pavers sop that they will not be permanently affected by erosion, mildew, mold, stains and the sun. You will be increasing the length of the life of your pavers while maintaining their beauty. We also offer paver restoration services. Our professionals will assess the needs of your pavers and take the appropriate action to try and get them back to ‘as new’ condition for you! Read More About Paver Sealing & Restoration »


We are proud to be certified installers of Belgard’s stunning range of interlocking concrete pavers. This range of pavers is some of the best in the world. You really cant go wrong for there is a wide selection and bound to be something that is just right for your next paver installation project. Belgard has produced a beautiful and durable range of pavers that can be used for so many applications including patios, driveways, walkways, sidewalks, pool decks and so much more! You can have a completely unique installation with so many choices in sizes, shapes, colors, textures and of course laying patterns galore! Read More About Pavers »

Retaining Walls

If you are going into a retaining wall project and are having a problem finding the right materials to use then look no further. We can show you a range of retaining wall blocks that will enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property as well as provide you with a durable and sturdy wall! We believe in using the best quality products that we possibly can and still remain within your budget. So let one of our professional’s show you what your next retaining wall can look like! Read More About Retaining Walls »


We all want a beautiful looking landscape. It adds so much appeal to any property. As a professional landscaping company we have all the experience, knowledge and craftsmanship to transform your landscape into the dream oasis you have always envisioned it to be. We provide a full range of landscaping services from planning and design, to construction and installation. Read More About Landscaping »

Fire Pits

Let us help you make your outdoor living space useable all year round, no matter what the season may be. The addition of a fire pit is a very cost effective way of getting some warmth into your outdoor space for those cooler evenings of the year. Just imagine yourself sitting around an open fire, relaxing with loved ones. If sounds like the perfect winter evening then give us a call today and we will get you started! Read More About Fire Pits »

Water Features

Are you thinking about installing a water feature for your residential or commercial property? Well you have definitely come to the right place. Here at Living Water Lawn & Garden, we have been designing and building some really stunning water features for our clients throughout the greater Las Vegas region for many years now and with great success! Read More About Water Features »

Outdoor Kitchens

Nowadays homeowners are finding that they want to spend more time entertaining outdoors and getting the most use out of their outdoor space. One of the most popular projects requested these days would have to be an outdoor kitchen. We have can custom design and build you an outdoor kitchen that suits the cooking requirements that you have. You will love cooking outside amongst all the action! Read More About Outdoor Kitchens »

LED Landscape Lighting

Our teams of professional landscapers are ready to show you how many benefits you will have when you install LED lighting fixtures for your landscape setting. You will really be amazed at how it will enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property at night time and how we can showcase all those special features for you! Read More About LED Landscape Lighting »