Living Water Hardscape Sealing and Restoration

Living Water Hardscape Sealing and Restoration

In business since 2000, Living Water Lawn & Garden has installed hundreds of thousands of pavers throughout the Las Vegas Valley and Henderson. In order to offer our clients a proven way to protect their investment, we began sealing pavers in 2006 and have since become recommended and referred by two of the largest paver manufactures in the United States, Pavestone and Belgard Hardscapes, for paver sealing and restoration in Clark County.

To ensure we are on the cutting edge of the paver sealing and restoration industry, Living Water has invested countless hours in application training, industry products, manufacturer’s certifications, and we use only the most up-to-date equipment.

Because of our commitment to excellence, we are confident we have the knowledge, experience, and competence to seal your hardscape right the first time and / or restore your pavers to their best possible state.


Our paver cleaning and sealing technique will protect your hardscape investment, improve the longevity of the pavers, and greatly enhance the overall aesthetic of your landscape. Our process will create a consistent look by bringing out the natural color and luster of pavers, wall material, and veneer stone, which can often look dull and drab until sealed.

The many benefits of cleaning and sealing pavers include:

  • UV Protection
  • Increases Paver Longevity
  • Inhibits Weed Growth
  • Deters Ant Colony Activity
  • Color Enhancement
  • Prevents Sand Erosion
  • Facilitates Stain Removal
  • Reduced Mold/Mildew Buildup


Cleaning is oftentimes not enough to restore old, damaged or neglected hardscapes. We at Living Water are experts in paver restoration. We are able to bring new life to your old and or damaged pavers. Restoration services are more in-depth and usually include the use of specialized stripping and cleaning agents and a much more labor intensive cleaning process. This restoration process is commonly used when a low grade sealer had been previously applied and is now past its lifespan. It is a process also used to restore very aged pavers that have not been maintained or protected since installation. No matter the condition of your hardscape, Living Water’s paver restoration services can help reveal the hidden or long forgotten beauty in your pavers.

Whether it is restoring old pavers to their former glory or sealing and protecting a new hardscape installation, Living Water can get the job done with fair pricing and efficient service. We follow specific manufacturer’s guidelines on all projects and are a current member of ICPI (Interlocking Concrete and Pavement Institute). Living Water only uses top of the line commercial grade sealers, stain removers, and stripping compound. Using the highest quality products available and highly trained technicians will ensure your pavers will not display the detrimental effects associated with a low grade product and/ or poor application methods. Living Water always adheres to current industry standards while setting the bar higher with new products and methods. You can trust Living Water with your sealing and restoration project.

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Paver Sealing and Restoration
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Paver Sealing and Restoration
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Paver Sealing and Restoration
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Paver Sealing and Restoration
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Paver Sealing and Restoration
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Paver Sealing and Restoration
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Paver Sealing and Restoration
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Paver Sealing and Restoration
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Paver Sealing and Restoration
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Paver Sealing and Restoration
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Paver Sealing and Restoration
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Paver Sealing and Restoration
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Paver Sealing and RestorationPaver Sealing and RestorationPaver Sealing and RestorationPaver Sealing and RestorationPaver Sealing and RestorationPaver Sealing and RestorationPaver Sealing and RestorationPaver Sealing and RestorationPaver Sealing and RestorationPaver Sealing and Restoration

Paver Sealing Testimonials
Paver and Stone Veneer Sealer and Restoration Division

“FANTASTIC!!!!!!! We appreciate the opportunity to let you know how much we enjoyed working with Living Water. Our pavers look fantastic! Living Water spent a great amount of time removing prior stains and bringing the pavers back to their original state. They look better than new! These guys take pride in their work and it shows in every detail. They moved all the furniture, returned it to where it was! Cleaned up everything after they were done. They are extremely professional and such a pleasure to deal with. Thank you for exceeding my expectations.”

Tami Biniaz, Client

“Keith Howard and his associate moved all the patio furniture and did the work as described in the contract. It turned out even better than I thought it would. The pavers hadn't been touched for a number of years, but their treatment made the subtle colors come to life once again. As Mr. Howard promised, the pavers didn't end up with a glossy enamel-looking shine but just made my 2006-vintage pavers look absolutely gorgeous. They look so nice that visitors have remarked on them and thought I had had them replaced. (Gee, I didn't think they looked that worn!) The furniture was put back in place, I very happily inspected the work and was told to avoid walking on it for 45 minutes or so. When they left, you couldn't tell anyone had hauled sand around or sprayed epoxy-----except for the beautiful improvement. If and when I decide to do additional work around my patio area, they're the ones I'll call!”

Ann Dye, Client

“I contacted Living Water about sealing my paver's as the sand was tracking into the house and swimming pool. I had a two day response for a quote from Keith. He showed how when installed the wrong sand was used and described that they would pressure wash away all the small sand and replace with the right stuff. When completed, our courtyard and veranda area are fabulous looking, and the best part is no more loose sand. Now we can just hose off and have a great look....I really enjoyed working with them on this project and would highly recommend to everyone to check them out.”

Mark Jacobson, Client

“My name is Anna Clark and I live in Club Aliante in North Las Vegas. I am the second owner for this house and the pavers in the backyard had never been touched since the house was built in 2005. While in the process of having my garage floors, courtyards, and driveway redone, I asked about the pavers because they were so very drab and dull. The company doing the other work recommended Living Water Lawn and Garden for the job. I made the call, received an estimate, and hired them. I am totally amazed at the difference in the before and after photos and wholeheartedly support them as being very professional and talented. They use the best products and are able to breathe life into old stones and make you proud to invite friends and family to your outside living area.”

Anna Clark, Client

“I just wanted to reach out and comment on the recent sealing work that Living Water did for us at our home. My wife and I were impressed with you and your team right from the beginning when you came out to give us our estimate and how much time you took to explain everything and provide us with multiple options. Your advice to use the shark bite on our travertine was spot on -- the grand-kids came over soon after the sealant was put down and all the running around they do and we didn't have to worry about them slipping. This is a safe product and looks incredible!! When your team showed up (Craig and Pasquale) to do the cleaning of the pavers and travertine they took their time to explain what they were going to be doing over the next 2 days and what to expect. They went out of their way to cover up our fire pits and glass, wrapped up all my external electronic equipment, plantings and carefully moved all our outdoor furniture. You and your team are the most professional group we have had the pleasure of dealing with and I have recommended Living Water to all our friends and neighbors. And the end product is beautiful, this was a positive, seamless experience from start to finish and our expectations were exceeded. Thank you.”

Bill Douglass, Client