It's time to change the irrigation watering schedules again. September 15th, Living Water Lawn & Garden will be changing the water irrigation clocks for turf and drip systems for our current clients (As we do 3 times in the Fall and 3 times in the Spring), and if you don't have your irrigation or Fertilizer Injector System, we would like to offer to provide you with that service as well.

If you do not already utilize a Fertilizer Injection system, they are very effective!

Here are some of the benefits of having a Fertilizer Injector System is that it:

  • Saves time and manual labor of doing it oneself.
  • Provides better control by using a water soluble fertilizer, the nutrients can be taken up by the plantâ•˙s root system more easily.
  • If needed, a fertilizer injector system could help with safely applying pesticides for controlling insects for example.
  • Increases efficiency by delivering water and nutrients directly into the root zone where they are most needed.
  • Better quality. Because the nutrients are where the roots are, the results are often much better yielding a better crop or plant.

If you don't have a fertilizer injector system or an irrigation system setup, Please call our Living Water Lawn & Garden Office to have one installed. If you do already have one in place, we would be happy to provide maintenance such Fill-ups for your current fertilizer injector system(s), changing the irrigation scheduling, and other maintenance that you may need.

Living Water Lawn & Garden Phone Number: 702-655-5593

Drip Irrigation Watering Schedule

Turf Irrigation Watering Schedule